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Michael E. Gerber Author of E-Myth

Vanessa McClennan of Rejuvenating Minds

manishBefore my coaching with Illa, I lacked the confidence to get up in front of people and talk. Every Monday, a pupil makes a presentation and explains about a topic of their choice. Naturally, one week, it was my turn. There were times where my hands would shake and get sweaty, but the coaching made me realise that it was myself that was making me nervous and that I didn’t have to be. I spoke to the rest of the school with confidence and clarity.

My grades have [also] improved a lot due to the eradication of my exam phobia. Illa was instrumental in helping me with this.

Manish Joshi, yr 10, St Crispin’s School

loretaWhen I first met Illa, I intuitively felt a strong connection with her soul. I could feel love and kindness radiating from her heart to me and everyone. She is a person you can trust. Her personal qualities made me make a decision to choose her as my spiritual coach and healer.

Every session with Illa was a gift. Her soft, calming voice and healing abilities are incredible. Her strong connection with the spiritual world, love and professionalism helped me to overcome many inner obstacles and limiting beliefs that were stopping me from moving forward.

After every session, I was feeling more inner peace, more confidence, and more harmony with myself and the world. A wonderful sense of well-being and self-worth that I lost many years ago was coming back. My life shifted. I am very grateful for the opportunity to be guided by her and to learn from her.

I highly recommend Illa as very gifted spiritual coach and healer to anyone who wants to live a happy and abundant life full of love, peace and harmony.

Loreta Narbutiene

nicoleIlla is gentle, generous and loving. A wonderful facilitator to bring you back in touch with your true self, eliminate self doubt and fears, and to fully open your heart and speak your truth.

I am grateful our paths crossed. She has been a great gift of light on my journey.



Nicole Frobusch

janiceI’ve known Illa for a number of years and she saw gifts in me that were untapped. Do you have talents left untapped? Then Illa is your lady. I recommend her highly – and I don’t give out recommendations easily.

I had fibroids, and although removed, my periods went away for a number of months. After having a healing session with Illa using her wisdom and spiritual gifts / Gong Bath, my periods came back regularly ever since.

I also had a group of healing sessions with Illa who picked up at the time that I did not approve of myself and that these limiting beliefs were causing blocks in my life. She was able to get to the root cause of my problems and helped me create a plan of action.

Give yourself the gift of working with Illa. She is a powerful businesswoman who works from the heart; everything she does she focuses on with the passion of getting results.

Janice Geddes

Illa has truly helped me to start to fully awaken to my spiritual connection and power. She holds the space with such grace and knowledge, as well as a lighthearted touch that I come out of the sessions feeling grounded, calm and as if I’ve been on holiday! Illa always follows up after sessions to offer support. Thank you Illa, you have helped me elevate my life!

Sarit Gafan

You guide individuals back to their path of purpose, which has the quality of love and peace. Your qualities are understanding, loving, caring, calming and guiding. You made me access the divine in me instead of worrying and spreading thin out there, focusing and finding strength, the right path in here!

Client in San Francisco

I had no organisation for the way I revised and studied, therefore I thought it would be a good idea to start Life Coaching to help me progress through life and achieve high grades. I found the sessions very helpful as they have boosted my confidence and the way I revise and study. [It] has shown me the way to achieve high. Because of these sessions, the way I study and revise now has helped me so much. Now I know I can achieve A* in everything. Life Coaching has had a big impact on my future because it has put me on the right path, so that I can achieve my goal in life.

Akash, yr 10, St Crispin’s School

Illa is an intuitive and fantastic coach. I can’t tell you enough about how she has shown me new heights and places in my being that I ever even knew existed yet she did. Today, I am living the life of my dreams – growing business, greater and deeper relationship with my husband, and my kids are just excelling in every area of their lives. Illa is the total package and I can’t be grateful to her enough. She has worked with me and my whole family and all I can say is – can you afford not to get in touch with her?

Liz M (business woman, wife and mother)

My business has excelled in every area after working with Illa. I am happy, my staff are happy and my business has doubled financially. Illa really showed me what it was to have a vision and to take continuous small actions that has allowed me to be in tune with my passion.

Mark T (Miami USA)

My son was diagnosed… no sorry, as Illa says ‘LABELLED’ with ADHD. He started taking drugs and smoking, and he was only 8 years old. Illa worked with my son and allowed him to “JUST BE” as she called it. Within a year his grades went up, and his social behaviour was more acceptable. We are so grateful for Illa for coming into our lives. I would have surely lost my child without her. God bless you Illa. Your mission to save these kids is amazing.

Suri K (London)