Heal the expert

HEALAs a busy professional, you may have lost connection with the divine consciousness within you.

This programme raises your deepest state of awareness, and empowers you to get the flow of universal energy working for you.

Each week for three months, we have a one-hour Skype conversation where I ask insightful and probing questions to tap into your unconscious, and gently talk you through a bespoke combination of loving meditations, simple mantras and guided visualisations.

Through this process, your mental, emotional, physical, energetic and spiritual bodies will be unblocked and aligned. You will awaken your spiritual truth, create clarity and peace, and unleash your authentic self.

During and afterwards, every single participant has reported amazing shifts in their life and work. Read some of their stories.

Choose between:

  • One on one £2,997 (payment plans available)
  • Part of a group £997 each (maximum five people)

The programme runs for 12 weeks, and the first step is an initial informal chat. Please contact me to find out more.