Blossom your greatness

BLOSSOMFuture life progression gently and safely takes you into your alternative futures.

In separate sessions, you visualise yourself five or ten years ahead, and imagine what would happen if you change nothing, or change everything.

It’s similar to NLP timeline therapy but packaged differently, based on my training with well-known psychic, Ann Jirsch.

During the process, you centre on imagination as reality, hone into the wisdom and advice of your future self, and bring back gifts to your present awareness. This helps accelerate what you see, so you can step into your powerful future.

The results are priceless. For example, one client is now ‘swimming in money’ after taking their small business to a six-figure turnover, and another has bought their dream two-acre farm.

Held over Skype or face-to-face in London, each session takes as long as it takes – on average one to one-and-a-half hours. I recommend you drink plenty of water and allow an extra 15-30 minutes afterwards to get back to ‘normal’.

New clients:

  • 3 sessions: £997 (payment plans available)

Existing clients

  • 1 session: £250 (because we will have already cleared any energy that would prevent you from moving into that space, and you will be open to seeing)

Blossom your Greatness is included as part of the Heal the Expert programme.