Most people want to know how this stuff works. It’s impossible to give a scientific explanation, but here are some ideas that you might find useful.

Thoughts are things

Every Thing was once a Thought, including the clothes you’re wearing, that chair you’re sitting on, and the computer where you’re reading this.

The outside world is a reflection of the thoughts that are going in on inside us. The outside world doesn’t affect us – it’s us who affect us.

Planet Earth is a giant magnet, with invisible energy particles constantly flying through and around it. Our physical bodies are made up of atoms, most of which comprise ’empty’ space. The invisible particles fly through and around us too.

That’s how our thoughts can impact our reality.

Good vibrations

Have you ever entered a room and experienced an instant reaction to the atmosphere? Have you seen a couple without talking, and immediately known how they feel about each other? Have you noticed that animals can sense and respond to your basic emotions, such as fear, anger and love?

Your feelings change the vibrational aura that surrounds your physical body. By changing your thoughts, you can change your vibration, and therefore change your experience of the world and the relationships around you.


The word ‘energy’ has more than one meaning. It could mean electricity (which we also call ‘power’), the vim and vigour you employ when your physical body is being active, and the spirit, soul or aura that you display externally.

I call it ‘divine consciousness’ or just ‘the divine’. You may call it God, Allah, Buddha, the universe, or the source of all things. It’s what I tap into to help raise your own connection with divine consciousness.


Eastern traditions hold that you have seven energy centres in your body, called chakras. Yoga and other therapies work to release blockages in your chakras, and so get universal energy flowing again. Once you are reconnected with this energy, you can influence your experience of the past, the present and the future.

I call the process meditation, but you may think of it as praying, trance or day-dreaming.

If you’re interested in discussing any of these ideas, please call me.