“The lotus flower grows in the deep mud, far away from the sun.
But, sooner or later, the lotus reaches the light, and becomes the most beautiful flower ever”

Illa KhagramI’m a victor who has overcome struggles, tests and traumas that became the life force of my growth. Happily, I found my inner peace, and acquired a range of skills and techniques to share this gift with everyone.

Today, I work as an international healer, coach and speaker, empowering people to experience and reconnect with the divine consciousness, and so embrace who they really are.

My story
When I was young, my school PE teacher shouted, threw a ball at me and broke my finger. This thoughtless act destroyed my self-esteem. Later, I moved to Kenya and became trapped in a marriage that was both violent and abusive. It overwhelmed me for 14 crushing years. The lowest point was when my ex-husband handed me a lighter and I set fire to myself, leading to 35 weeks in hospital. The only high point was the birth of my beloved son.

I was determined he wouldn’t suffer as I had. So, on a rare visit to England, I escaped, took my then four-year-old boy, and fled to a refuge. Somehow, my ex-husband obtained the legal right to take him back to Kenya. I have battled endlessly to maintain contact, but I have barely seen my son since then. It breaks my heart that he, now in his 20s, has grown up believing I’m the one who abandoned him.

After my son was taken, I spent time in an Indian Ashram – a divine spiritual place near the foothills of the Himalayas. An old man told me: “You have a gift. Your life has been, and is, the embodiment of that gift.” Not understanding what was said, I advanced on a spiritual journey, learning meditations to heal pain and hurt, and awakening to my authentic self. On the fourth day of a nine-day silent retreat, a feeling of peace and being-ness came over me, with the realisation that I am nothing, but I have everything. God is looking after me, and I’m here to make the world a better place.

I now thank God for the blessings of that experience, and send all the love my heart can give, both to my son, and to the family that has raised him.

I am honoured to be personally mentored and guided by E-Myth author, Michael E Gerber. I founded Radiant Lotus in April 2011, thanks to another mentor and friend, Clinton Swaine. I have trained with thought leaders such as Anne Jirsch, John Cassidy-Rice, Johnnie Cass and Tony Robbins. My inspirational gurus include Pt Shri Ram Sharma Acharya, Swami Chidanand Saraswati and Pradipbapu.

Here are some of the techniques I am qualified to draw on, customising the combination for each individual situation:

As well as intuitively selecting from a range of traditional approaches, I have devised my own methodologies, including:

– Náda Swara meditation, based around the tone and frequency of sound
– Peaceful Evolutionary System (PES), to help my clients reach their goals and achieve greatness
– Authentic Self Progression (ASP) programme, supporting parents and families to blossom to their full potential

Other information
I am a regular contributor to Divorced Parents magazine

I was born in Kenya and educated in the UK, where I achieved a degree in Business and Finance before moving back to Kenya until 1999. Today, I’m happily remarried and living in London. Thanks to modern technology, I am able to work with people around the world, to help them heal, balance and blossom.

Illa Khagram