Past Life Regression

Feeling held back for some strange reason?

Don’t know why you behave in a certain way?

Believe it or not, this feeling might be due to a trauma you experienced in a past life.

A session of past life regression can be absolutely life changing.

I first explored past life regression over ten years ago, for two reasons:

First, because I started experiencing vivid images and thoughts that I couldn’t explain as I’d never seen them in this life.

Second, when a client started describing images that could only be from the 16th Century. As well as past life regression, we did a future life progression from which she brought back the energy to the present – this solved a problem she was having with her thyroid.

Past life regression truly is a gift that the universe has given in order to help you step into your authentic self.

As a gifted intuitive, I will guide you through the process, so you can experience a gentle shift into your past life where you will acknowledge your soul’s karmic plan.

It doesn’t matter whether you believe in past lives or not, as the process will work anyway to clear whatever has held you back, swiftly and with impact.

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