Stuck in your negative emotions?

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) – sometimes known as ‘tapping’ – is a simple yet powerful tool that helps you release unwanted beliefs and emotions.

The technique has been used successfully with thousands of people with a broad range of difficulties, and has been described as “one of the most important breakthroughs in psychology” and “a modern miracle”.

EFT can dramatically relieve emotional disturbances along with many physical symptoms. Shifts are often experienced in minutes. Its results are usually long-lasting, and it is easy to learn for self-application to help in countless situations. It can be used therapeutically and for deep transformational work, or even whilst on the move.

As EFT is so versatile, it has been used by hundreds of therapists on thousands of clients who have relieved imbalances in their clients’ energy systems and so achieved successes on even the most difficult problems.

Ask us about EFT, and you will achieve genuine freedom from any emotions that have created problems in your life.

Cost: £80 / session