AMA-SAN healing

Ama is the feminine aspect of the divinity. It is hard to describe, as it’s limitless and more than our minds can conceive.

Ama-San works through the whole being, balancing your body, emotions, mind and spirit, bringing whatever you need, even if you don’t know clearly what that may be. The benefits of regular Ama-San depend on what you bring to it – what you receive depends on whether you bring a ‘cup’ or a ‘bucket’.

When you come to feel more whole within yourself, your real inner healing and alignment is beginning.

Ama-San 1

While there is no offer of an instant cure or solution, by connecting with this great energy of healing through love, you may learn to heal yourself. This love brings your heart alive, grows your inner understanding, and helps to dissolve blocks and limitations.

Ama-San 2

When attuned to this level, you are enabled to work with the great angelic healing forces that are around us, allowing you to send specifically directed healing, both to others and to yourself.

Ama-San is about your inner journey to become who you truly are. If you are sincerely seeking self-knowledge, you may feel a move forward in your search. It is difficult to put aside all the tricks of the ego, so this journey is not an easy one. But there can be great joy as your mind surrenders to your heart and a new balance is created.

When you follow this path, Ama-San can offer more, but not until you are ready. When you are prepared to let go of your limitations, there are no limits to Ama-San.

There is no charge for Ama-San healing – this gift is incorporated into all the work we do with you.